Super Singer Winners Series - Alka

Alka Ajith has been a prominent singer and has competed in many singing competition with emerging as winner in most of them. No wonder that she was crowned as the super singer junior 2 and Vijay TV gave her a apartment as the prize money for winning the competition. Alka had some negatives with her and the primary being that she doesnt know Tamizh language. This was criticized by many viewers and judges during her performances which did not had the feel in it. Contradictly the same season had Shreenisha, Priyanka, Nithyashree, Roshan who all had the capability of winning the title and gave a tough competition to Alka. Alka's grand final performance with "singaara velane" saw all of the viewers watching her performing live gave a standing ovation. Later impressed by her performance, playbacksinger/composer Srinivas gave her opportunity to sing in a Malayalam movie. This was just the start and Alka had already sung around 3 songs in movies (Tamil/Malayalam together) which is really impressive given the duration she won the title and her age.

This season also had Srikanth who has impressed many judges and Vijay TV that forced them to take him for the grand finals & gave away a flat for him too. Alka has been appearing in the channel for multiple events and in super singer by giving some guest performances to the viewers. Usually her singing is pretty good and the feel is what thats missing most of the times. But, she was able to reach most difficult notes and had a nice voice that helped her to win the title. I felt that Alka had got and used most of the opportunities after she got into the spotlight while participating in the super singer event. I think she will have a big ride in the playback singing in Tamizh movies and will go high in the coming years.


Anand said...

Hey,Alka knows Tamil,it can be known from a Hindu article "Perfect Teens" which was published after interviewing Alka,Shravan and Roshan before the wild-card round...And Alka is concentrating too much on Music so only she is not able to get the right words and the required feel sometimes...Other than that she has no difficulty....

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